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Enhancements for easier user customizations, Makefile, ebuild-friendly

Added by Lucian Muresan over 5 years ago. Updated about 5 years ago.

Status:ErledigtStart date:07/15/2010
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Target version:0.4


Hi Helmut,

the attached patch against the current yacoto-scripts-0.0.3 you pointed me at in this message http://www.spinics.net/lists/vdr/msg23156.html provide the scripts with the following features, also based on ICQ chats we had few months ago in the evening:
- Users may customize the installation of the scripts with the provided Makefile, which also tries to detect dependencies, and can enable / disable features;
- The ability of customizing is also realized by the possibility to install scripts separated from configuration files, therefore, all over there are 2 variables
defined, YAC_DIR and YAC_CONF_DIR, which in he default case point to same location (/etc/vdr/plugins/yacoto), but YAC_DIR can also be defined as /usr/share/vdr/yacoto and thaen all the scripts and included DVD templates go there, the rest of conf-files stay in /etc, and additional scripts/conf files (or do you call them encoding profiles?), or DVD templates added by thje user can be stored under /etc...
To achieve this, a few helper functions had been added in yac_helperfunctions.sh, to try to locate old and new type of recordings, or scripts/DVD templates located either in YAC_DIR or YAC_CONF_DIR. Also, I prefixed the new get_vcodec.sh with yac_, moved conf/dvd/format_info.sh to the main scripts folder as yac_format_info.sh and so on.
Please give it a try, you may also want to have a look at how the gentoo ebuild http://www.muresan.de/ebuilds/media-video/yacoto-scripts/ deals with the patched package, with the Makefile (which now also does the distribution archive, therefore I removed that script).

yacoto-scripts-0.0.3_customization.diff Magnifier (37.2 KB) Lucian Muresan, 07/15/2010 10:58 pm


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